Letters to the Editor — Oct. 14, 2021

Letters to the Editor — Oct. 14, 2021

The Issue: A nurse who died from her injuries after being knocked to the ground in Times Square.

The Post does the best crime reporting in New York City, especially during these terrible Mayor de Blasio years (“Now the charge is murder,” Oct. 11).

The story of the killing of the lovely oncology nurse Maria Ambrocio, allegedly by the deranged Jermain Foster, who was homeless and reckless, sadly serves as the perfect example of a mighty city ruined by criminals hailed as “victims” by the worst mayor in US history.

And not a peep of sorrow from de Blasio’s office.

David Bryant

Palm Desert, Calif.

Only when the thugs and the violent mentally challenged are permanently removed from the streets will productive citizens such as Maria Ambrocio stop tragically dying at the hands of evil.

Residents of New York need to pay heed, because they or members of their family can also fall victim to the street predators.

As long as the police have their hands tied, they cannot help you.

Follow your common sense and vote for the candidates who are more concerned about the victims, rather than the criminals.

Nicholas Maffei


How much more can we take, reading and hearing daily about the maimings and murders of innocent people of all ages?

Why do we have elected officials, whose salaries we pay, if not to help and protect us? They are failing.

They have the power to make changes but not the courage. They are so afraid of doing or saying anything that will upset the socialists who are helping destroy our city and country.

It looks as if all that interests them are the three Ps: power, pensions and perks. How sad.

Bunny Abraham


It’s all well and good that the alleged perpetrator of Maria Ambrocio’s murder was apprehended, but she was failed by the incompetence of the liberal policies that allow such people back on the streets.

How many more innocent citizens have to be injured or worse before the powers that be wake up?

Charlie Honadel

Venice, Fla.

The Issue: Pope Francis’ meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Vatican last week.

As a Catholic, I was appalled that the pope met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (“ ‘Lucky’ break$,” Miranda Devine, Oct. 11).

Her stance on abortion is against everything our religion stands for. Here we have a pope who seems to go along with her and the president’s views on abortion, even late-term abortions.

I guess one does not have to wonder why more and more Catholics decide not to practice. You can go along with killing the unborn and allowing these politicians to receive the sacrament of communion, but God forbid you’re divorced — that’s a no-no.

Hypocrites are running the church. It’s time for the pope to rethink his positions.

Philip Vallone


Although I usually agree with Devine, I don’t think that she should have found it “disconcerting to see abortion enthusiast Nancy Pelosi receive such a warm welcome from Pope Francis at the Vatican last week.”

I’m sure that Pope Francis realizes that it is always a good idea to keep a dialogue going between pro-lifers and pro-choicers.

I am also sure he realizes that any woman who loses her baby to abortion is as much of a victim as her baby. That is why we must always have sympathy and compassion for the women who lose their babies to abortion.

John Francis Fox


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