Adorable dog whose owner was murdered in the Bronx needs a home

Adorable dog whose owner was murdered in the Bronx needs a home

Help him get a new leash on life!

A sweet pooch whose owner was murdered in the Bronx is in desperate need of a new home  — to save him from being put down, according to an animal advocate.

Linus would likely be euthanized if he goes to Animal Care Center, according to Ruthless Paws head Rob Becerra.

Linus, a playful 6-year-old pit bull mix, lost his owner Rider Ferreras, 35, when he was stabbed to death in October 2020, according to Rob Becerra, who runs the animal rescue group Ruthless Paws.

Ferreras’ mother took in Linus for months but is no longer able to care for due to her age  — and Animal Care Center of NYC would likely euthanize him due to his breed, age and other factors, said Becerra.

“If he ends up at ACC there’s a high probability that he’ll be killed,” Becerra said.

“I can’t let that happen — he’s too special of a dog, his temperament is too great,” he said.

“He loves to play and give kisses. He’s an all around good dog.”

Linus has no health problems and is great with kids but would need to be the only dog in the household,  Becerra said. He’s willing to travel out of state, as far north as Massachusetts, to help the pooch find a new master. 

“I love this boy and need your help,” he said in a recent Facebook post

Linus had been previously living with Becerra's elderly mother.
Linus had been previously living with Becerra’s elderly mother.

Marianela Valdez-De Gonzalez, 39, who lived with Linus’s former owner was charged with fatally stabbing him in the chest days after his death.

Anybody interested in adopting Linus should email


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